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Claudia Christian

Date Of Birth: 10 August 1965
Place Of Birth: Glendale, California, U.S.A.

Claudia Christian plays the part of Commander Susan Ivanova in Babylon 5 shown on Channel 4 in the U.K.


2006 Starhyke (TV Series) Captain Belinda Blowhard
2005 The Garden
2005 Broken News (TV Series) Julia Regan
2004 Nightmare Boulevard Amy Martin
2003 The Failures Anna
2002 Hot Rush Jane
2002 Half Past Dead Special Agent Ellen Williams
2001 Snide And Prejudice Renate Muller
2001 Ghostwatch Host
2001 Atlantis: The Lost Empire Helga Sinclair (voice)
2001 Never Die Twice
2000 True Rights Elaine Kilgore
2000 Love & Sex Woman At Gallery
1999 Running Home Jules Daniels
1999 The Haunting Of Hell House Lucy
1999 Final Voyage Max
1999 The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All (TV) Andy
1998 Babylon 5: Thirdspace (TV) Commander Susan Ivanova
1998 Wing And A Prayer (TV) Shelley Lowe
1998 Babylon 5: In The Beginning (TV) Susan Ivanova
1998 Snide And Prejudice Renate Muller
1997 Journey Beneath The Sea Queen Aquareine (voice)
1997 Lancelot: Guardian Of Time Katherine Shelley
1997 Mercenary II: Thick & Thin (TV) Patricia Van Lier
1994 Babylon 5 (TV Series) Commander Susan Ivanova
1994 The Chase Yvonne Voss
1994 Upworld Samantha
1993 Columbo: It's All In The Game (TV) Lisa
1993 All Shook Up aka Hexed Hexina
1993 Relentless: Mind Of A Killer (TV) Leeann Hardy
1992 The Itsy Bitsy Spider
1991 Strays (TV) Claire Lederer
1991 The Woman Who Sinned (TV) Judy Reinhardt
1991 Lies Of The Twins Felice
1991 My Life And Times (TV Series) Young Jessie
1991 Arena Quinn
1991 The Man With Three Arms Kitty
1990 Danielle Steel's Kaleidoscope (TV) Meagan
1990 Maniac Cop 2 Susan Riley
1990 Mom Virginia Monroe
1990 Think Big Dr. Irene Marsh
1989 Shannon's Deal (TV) Molly Temple
1989 Tale of Two Sisters Elizabeth
1988 Police Story: Monster Manor (TV) Officer Babs Altoon
1988 Clean And Sober Iris
1988 Mad About You Cassandra Harris
1988 Never On Tuesday Tuesday
1987 The Highwayman (TV) Dawn
1987 The Hidden Brenda Lee Van Buren
1986 Blacke's Magic (TV) Laurie
1986 Houston: The Legend Of Texas (TV) Eliza Allen
1986 A Masterpiece Of Murder (TV) Julia Forsythe
1985 Berrengers (TV Series) Melody Hughes
1984 The Calendar Girl Murders (TV) Kara


2007 Nip/Tuck Gwen in episode: "Dawn Budge II"
2003 Everwood Young Edna in episode: "My Brother's Keeper"
2002 She Spies Tanya in episode: "Spies vs. Spy"
2002 NYPD Blue Catherine Lowe in episode: "Better Laid Than Never"
2001 Relic Hunter Carson Inez in episode: "All Choked Up"
2000 Freaks And Geeks Gloria Haverchuck in episode: "Chokin' And Tokin'" & "Dead Dogs"
2000 Family Law in episode: "Are You My Father?"
1998 Kelly Kelly Anya in episode: "Doodler"
1998 Highlander Katherine in episode: "Two of Hearts"
1997 Total Security Cheryl Bankston in episode: "Pilot"
1997 Space Cadets Herself
1993 Space Rangers Marla Baker in episode: "Death Before Dishonor"
1991 Dark Justice Dana Hollister Harrison
1991 L.A. Law Susan Convers in episode: "Speak, Lawyers for Me"
1991 Murder, She Wrote Bonnie Jenks Hastings in episode: "The Prodigal Father"
1990 Matlock Mickey Alder in episode: "The Blackmailer"
1989 Quantum Leap Allison in episode: "Play It Again, Seymour"
1987 It's Garry Shandling's Show Sylvia in episode: "Dial L For Laundry"
1987 Jake And The Fatman Sgt. Alex Walker in episode: "Easy To Love"
1987 Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer in episode: "Elegy For A Tramp"
1987 Outlaws in episode: "Madril"
1986 Hunter Roxanne Hoffmeyer in episode: "Love, Hate, And Sporty James"
1985 The A-Team Cathy Rogers in episode: "Trouble Brewing"
1984 Riptide Marion Gordon in episode: "Where The Girls Are"
1984 Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Elyse in episode: "Shots In The Dark"
1984 Falcon Crest Kate Mars in episode: "Tests Of Faith"
1984 Dallas in episode: "Some Do...Some Don't"
1984 T.J. Hooker Betty MacRae in episode: "The Lipstick Killer"
1983 Webster


Claudia Christian in Hunter

Claudia Christian in Space Cadets

Claudia Christian in Lies Of The Twins

Claudia Christian in All Shook Up aka Hexed

Claudia Christian in Wing And A Prayer

Claudia Christian in Babylon 5

Claudia Christian in Quantum Leap

Claudia Christian in The Calendar Girl Murders

Claudia Christian in The Chase

Claudia Christian in Dallas

Claudia Christian in The A-Team

Claudia Christian in T. J. Hooker

Claudia Christian in Final Voyage

Claudia Christian in Freaks And Geeks

Claudia Christian in Relic Hunter

Claudia Christian in Highlander

Claudia Christian in Running Home

Claudia Christian in Danielle Steel's Kaleidoscope

Claudia Christian in Columbo: It's All In The Game

Claudia Christian in Jake And The Fatman

Claudia Christian in Murder, She Wrote

Claudia Christian in Everwood

Claudia Christian in NYPD Blue

Claudia Christian in NYPD Blue (2nd episode)

Claudia Christian in She Spies

Claudia Christian in Half Past Dead

Claudia Christian in L.A. Law

Claudia Christian in Nightmare Boulevard

Claudia Christian in The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All

Claudia Christian in Love & Sex

Claudia Christian in Broken News

Claudia Christian in Relentless: Mind Of A Killer

Claudia Christian in Clean And Sober

Claudia Christian in The Garden

Claudia Christian in Maniac Cop 2

Claudia Christian in Nip/Tuck

Claudia Christian in The Haunting Of Hell House

Claudia Christian in The Hidden


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