Battlestar Galactica

Season One Episode Guide

Regular Cast:
Lorne Greene as Commander Adama
Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo
Dirk Benedict as Lt Starbuck
Herbert Jefferson Jr as Lt Boomer
Terry Carter as Col Tigh
Maren Jensen as Athena
Noah Hathaway as Boxey
Laurette Spang as Cassiopeia
Tony Swartz as Flight Sgt Jolly
Anne Lockhart as Captain Sheba
David Greenan as Omega
Sarah Rush as Rigel
George Murdock as Dr Salik
John Dullaghan as Dr Wilker
Ed Begley Jr as Lt Greenbean
John Colicos as Count Baltar
Patrick Macnee as Voice of Imperious Leader
Jonathan Harris as Voice of Lucifer
Felix Silla as Lucifer
Dick Durock as Imperious Leader

1 Saga Of A Star World (pilot) (feature-length) (3 parts)

When their peace mission to end a 1000-year war with the robot Cylon race is all but wiped out by the treacherous enemy, the remnants of the 12 colonies of man gather under the protection of their last surviving battlestar, the Galactica. Led by Commander Adama, the rag-tag "wagon train" of 220 assorted spacecraft sets off in search of the lost 13th colony - Earth. Needing to refuel, the Galactica heads for the ore planet Carillon where it finds a vast resort complex populated by humans and faces another mass Cylon attack.

Jane Seymour (Serina), Ray Milland (Sire Uri), Lew Ayres (President Adar), Wilfrid Hyde-White (Sire Anton).

2 Lost Planet Of The Gods (feature-length)

Striving to escape the relentless Cylon pursuit, the Galactica heads for a magnetic void which will scramble all navigational signals. Emerging, they are led by a mysterious pulsating star to Kobol, the lost planet of the Gods, where human life began. But the traitor Baltar is lying in wait and in the resulting Cylon attack Apollo's new bride, Serina, is killed.

Larry Manetti (Giles), Janet Louise Johnson (Brie), Jane Seymour (Serina), Janet Lynn Curtis (Sorrell), Ed Begley Jr (Sgt Greenbean).

3 The Lost Warrior

Crash-landing on a remote Western-style planet, Apollo helps a beautiful young widow and her fellow homesteaders in their fight against a ruthless land baron whose Cylon gunslinger Red-Eye confronts Apollo in a deadly laser shootout.

Johnny Timko (Puppis), Kathy Cannon (Vella), Lance LeGault (Bootes), Claude Earl Jones (Lacerta), Red West (Marco), Rex Cutter (Red-Eye).

4 The Long Patrol

Starbuck, while testing a new ultra Viper spaceship, loses the craft to a renegade convict and finds himself marooned on a mysterious planet where the prisoners serve terms for the crimes of their ancestors. Determined to escape, Starbuck incites a revolt.

James Whitmore, Jr. (Robber), Ted Gehring (Croad), Sean McClory (Assault), Tasha Martell (Adulteress), Ian Ambercrombie (Forger), John Holland (Waiter).

5 The Gun On Ice Planet Zero (feature-length)

With the Galactica threatened by a giant, mountain-based laser on the ice planet Arcta, Apollo must lead a dangerous band of prisoners to the planet's surface to destroy the Cylon stronghold. The Galactica team discovers and joins forces with an enslaved clone society to defeat the Cylons.

Roy Thinnes (Croft), James Olson (Thane), Christine Belford (Leda), Richard Lynch (Wolfe), Danny Miller (Ser Five Nine), Britt Ekland (Tenna), Dan O'Herlihy (Dr. Ravishol), Alex Hyde-White (Cadet Bow).

6 The Magnificent Warriors

To save the fleet from starvation, Adama finds himself trapped into a compromising courtship of an old flame; and a fast-dealing card game leaves Starbuck the unwilling sheriff in a rugged farming community which he is forced to defend against vicious pig-like creatures called Borays.

Barry Nelson (Bogan), Brett Somers (Belloby), Dennis Fimple (Duggy), Eric Server (Dipper), Olan Soul (Carmichael).

7 The Young Lords

After crash-landing on the planet Trillion, Starbuck is rescued by a band of children who decide to ransom the Galactican warrior to the Cylons in exchange for their imprisoned father.

Audrey Landers (Miri), Charles Bloom (Kyle), Bruce Glover (Megan), Brigitte Muller (Ariadne), Adam Mann (Nilz).

8 The Living Legend (feature-length)

Humanity is threatened with annihilation when Adama clashes with the hot-blooded, glory-hungry Cain, commander of the lost battlestar Pegasus, who is obsessed with leading both ships in suicidal attacks on the Cylon forces.

Lloyd Bridges (Cdr. Cain), Jack Stauffer (Lt. Bojay), Rod Haase (Tolan), Junero Jennings (Pegasus Officer).

9 Fire In Space

Adama is critically injured when a Cylon kamikaze raid on the Galactica causes a fire to spread through the ship. Meanwhile Boomer races against time to save Athena and Boxey from a fiery death.

William Bryant (Chief Fire Officer).

10 War Of The Gods (feature-length)

The Galactica encounters the mysterious Count Iblis who claims to be the last survivor of an alien culture. He is taken aboard the battlestar where he charms the fleet with his omnipotent powers and grants the Council three wishes in return for blind allegiance and delivers them Baltar as their first! But then Adama discovers the strangerís true identity and a life-or-death struggle ensures between the mortals and ... the Prince of Darkness.

Patrick Macnee (Count Iblis), John Williams (Statesman), Janet Louise Johnson (Brie).

11 The Man With Nine Lives

Starbuck must save an ageing conman named Chameleon, who he believes to be his father, from bloodthirsty Borellian henchmen.

Fred Astaire (Chameleon), Anne Jeffreys (Siress Blassie), Lance LeGault (Maga), Robert Feero (Bora), Patricia Stich (Zara), Frank Parker (Zed).

12 Murder On The Rising Star

Apollo uncovers a blackmail operation and finds his own life threatened as he works against time to clear Starbuck, who has been accused of murdering Ortega, a fellow Viper pilot.

Brock Peters (Solon), W. K. Stratton (Barton), Lyman Ward (Pallon), Frank Ashmore (Flt. Sgt. Ortega), Newell Alexander (Elias), Patricia Stich (Zara).

13 Greetings From Earth (feature-length)

Apollo and Starbuck intercept a primitive spaceship containing a family of six humans in suspended animation who are believed to be from Earth. When it is discovered that they cannot survive in the Galactica's atmosphere, Adama gets Apollo, Starbuck and Cassiopea to accompany the travellers to their final destination, the planet Paradeen.

Ray Bolger (Vector), Randy Mantooth (Michael), Kelly Harmon (Sarah), Murray Matheson (Geller), Lesley Woods (Aggie), Bobby Van (Hector).

14 Baltar's Escape

Baltar leads a prison revolt aboard the Galactica, taking many hostages including Adama and other council members. To rescue them, Apollo and Starbuck pose as Cylon robots and stage their own surprise attack.

Ina Balin (Siress Tinia), Lloyd Bochner (Leiter), John Hoyt (Domra), Robert Feero (Bora), Anthony De Longis (Taba), Lance LeGault (Maga).

15 Experiment In Terra

Apollo is recruited by an angelic stranger to help rescue the inhabitants of the planet Terra from nuclear destruction at the hands of the evil Eastern Alliance, but is unable to prevent the start of a holocaust.

Melody Anderson (Brenda), Peter D. MacLean (President Arends), Edward Mulhare (John), Nehemiah Persoff (Supreme Commandant), Ken Swoffard (Maxwell), Sidney Clute (Stone), Kenneth Lynch (Dr. Horning), John DeLancie (Officer).

16 Take The Celestra

When Starbuck enlists Apollo's aid in rekindling an old flame, their mission becomes embroiled in a struggle for control of a battlestar ruled by the iron-fisted Commander Kronus.

Paul Fix (Kronus), Nick Holt (Charka), Ana Alicia (Aurora), Randy Stumpf (Damon), Richard Styles (Hermes).

17 The Hand Of God

Weary of evading their Cylon pursuers, the Galactica crew decides to take on a Cylon base star in a fight to the death. Starbuck and Apollo take off in a captured enemy craft to try to infiltrate the base star and give the Galactica a fighting chance.

No guest cast.