"The year 2007, time travel is a reality and it's fallen into criminal hands.
With history itself at risk the United States has formed the Time Enforcement Commission, a top secret agency responsible for policing the temporal stream.
An elite team of agents track unlawful travelers across time, their mission: protect the past preserve the future.
These agents are known as Timecops."

Cristi Conaway and T. W. KingCristi Conaway and Kurt Fuller

Cristi ConawayDon Stark

The TV series ran for just nine episodes and was based on the 1994 movie "Timecop" starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.



"A Rip In Time"

Logan goes back to Victorian London to catch Ian Pascoe -a time criminal who's killed Jack the Ripper and taken his place in order to become the most famed and notorious serial-killer in history. However after tracking him down, Logan himself becomes suspected of the Ripper killings when he's found at one of the murder scenes. Logan must somehow prove his innocence and catch the real Ripper before he strikes again and changes history.


"The Heist"

Logan is sent back to 1977 when a time-ripple is detected, centring on a major jewel-heist where the perp was caught but the jewels never recovered. Sent with him is the streetcop that worked on the case, now on the verge of retirement. Once back in '77, the cop double-crosses Logan, intending to make up for years of having the finger of suspicion pointed at him by mugging the thief and taking the jewels for himself before they're hid. Logan resorts to recruiting the help of the cop's younger self to catch the future version.



Logan is sent back to 1956 to stop the murder of a rising Hollywood starlet before she can become mother to a future President of the United States. Once back, he finds himself hounded by a dodgy police detective who always seems to be in the right place at the wrong time. At a shoot-out in a bowling alley, Logan discovers the would-be killer is Pascoe (who escaped at the end of episode 1). After Pascoe escapes again, Logan finds he's been sent help for this one... Officer Hemmings. Logan proceeds to become the star's unofficial bodyguard, but she gets tricked into returning to the studio for retakes, setting the scene for a climactic "save the girl or catch the killer" scenario.


"Public Enemy"

Pascoe manages to escape from custody thanks to a plan pre-arranged with his past-self, and kidnaps Hemmings, taking her back into the past. If they can work out where he's gone, he'll be waiting to exchange Hemmings for his future-tech Temporal Controller. He's tracked down to 1928 where it's discovered that Pascoe was the mastermind behind Al Capone's whole criminal empire. The exchange fails when the Feds bust in. Whilst on Pascoe's trail, Logan takes the time to tutor a rookie Fed called Elliott Ness in the fine art of catching the bad-guys.


"Rocket Science"

Logan poses as an SS soldier in 1944 as he tries to stop a "dude genius" from the future giving Hitler the rocket technology to win World War II.


"Alternate World"

Tracing a rogue Timecop back to 1989, Logan finds himself in familiar territory -his hometown when he was a teenager. Catching the rogue, Logan returns to the future only to be arrested himself. The rogue cop has changed Logan's past. In this changed timeline Logan -nicknamed Jumping Jack Flash- became the most notorious time-criminal ever. Despite his protests that his past has been altered, he's sentenced to death. He's forced to assume the role of "Jumping Jack" in order to escape by kidnapping Hemmings, but is wounded by a lucky shot from the rogue (who's still a trusted officer in this timeline). Once out he proceeds to convince her of his story by telling her things he otherwise couldn't know about her. Meanwhile back at the T.E.C, Dr. Easter becomes suspicious when reviewing video-camera footage of the escape -could "Jumping Jack" be telling the truth? Logan gets patched-up and he and Hemmings proceed to a disused warehouse where Logan has worked out the rogue cop's timesled equipment is kept. Going back to '89, he must put his younger self back on track, whilst evading recapture.


"Lost Voyage"

In 1939, with the threat of war looming, a wealthy American businessman is pulling all his gold reserves out of Europe and shipping it back to the States. Cue hijack courtesy 2007. A pair of greedy deep-sea diving brothers are aiming to sink the ship andf retrieve the gold in the future. And they don't care if everyone on the ship gets killed to do it. Logan and Hemmings go back to stop it, the mission especially personal for Hemmings as her grandmother was travelling on the ship at the time.


"The Future, Jack, The Future"

After almost getting killed on a mission back during the American Civil War, thanks to faulty Temporal Controllers, Logan and his partner Tommy Maddox are grounded until Hemmings' team can work out the fault. Cromwell Technologies who lost the multi-billion dollar contract to supply the tech are suspected of sabotage, but no proof can be found. A ripple is detected back in 1990 right inside T.E.C headquarters. Logan and Maddox go back to find a disused base, due to the T.E.C of the time being suspended, pending a Senate investigation. While there Maddox tries out some old Timesled technology for fun, but becomes trapped in one as it activates and speeds off, sending him back to an unknown time and place. Hemmings is sent back to help Logan find out what's happened to Maddox. Meanwhile in the future, Cromwell is finding his present changing as his computer suddenly refuses his passwords and displays the name "Maddox Technologies." Using an illegal timesled, Cromwell goes back to stop his company from being bought out from under him. Logan and Hemmings eventually work out that the ripple that sent them back was a false signal thanks to more sabotaged tech which Maddox performed after Cromwell paid him off. Only now Maddox is double-crossing Cromwell. As Logan and Hemmings look for Maddox, Cromwell catches them on the hop and injects Hemmings with a synthetic poison which will kill her in thirty minutes if the company doesn't return to his control.



After Logan's car is blown up in a revenge attack, killing both Logan and Matuzek, Hemmings defies T.E.C rules by going back 10 hours to warn them. Now having foreknowledge of their deaths, Logan and Matuzek covertly try to find the person responsible before time can repeat itself. Only the more they probe, the murkier the trail gets.



© Darren Smith & Nick Lewis

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