War Of The Worlds

Season One Episode Guide

Regular cast:
Jared Martin as Harrison Blackwood
Lynda Mason Green as Suzanne McCullough
Richard Chaves as Paul Ironhorse
Philip Akin as Norton Drake

1 The Resurrection (pilot) (feature-length)

During a terrorist attack on a nuclear waste dump, the remains of alien invaders are reactivated by the radiation. The aliens kill the terrorists and take over their bodies. The team are brought together to fight the aliens. The aliens head for a top secret Air Force hanger where their ships from the 1953 invasion are stored. The team manage to plant bombs on the ships before the aliens arrive which explode as they are about to attack.

John Vernon as General Wilson, Rachel Blanchard as Debi McCullough, Corrinne Conley as Mrs Pennyworth, Larry Reynolds as Tom Kensington, Isle Van Glatz as Urick, Richard Comar as Chambers, Frank Pellegrino, Gwynneth Walsh, Eugene Clark, Desmond Ellis, Martin Neufeld, Ric Sarabia, Jack Mather, Harry Booker, David Hughes & Donald Tripe.

2 The Walls Of Jericho

Harrison has to convince General Wilson that the alien threat is not over, meanwhile the aliens start a crime spree gathering items needed to slow the radiation poisoning including a stockpile of liquid nitrogen.

John Vernon as General Wilson, Rachel Blanchard as Debi McCullough, Corrinne Conley as Mrs Pennyworth, Larry Reynolds as Tom Kensington, Isle Van Glatz as Urick, Richard Comar as Chambers & Mark Humphrey.

3 Thy Kingdom Come

Harrison's stepmother, a survivor of the 1953 alien invasion, has a vision identifying the location of the latest alien stronghold. They follow the aliens to Canada and the Ontario Federal Reserve where a lake is being used to help revive more aliens.

Ann Robinson as Sylvia Van Buren, Alar Aedma & Michael Fletcher.

4 A Multitude Of Idols

A reporter stumbles on an alien scheme to steal radioactive waste. The aliens use the waste to revive more aliens and take over the bodies of the people in a small town. By the time reinforcements arrive the aliens are gone.

Rachel Blanchard as Debi McCullough, Corinne Conely as Mrs Pennyworth, Michelle Scarabelli as Elise Conway, Neil Vipond, Ray James, Van Flores & Garfield Andrews.

5 Eye For An Eye

Citizens in a small town celebrate 50 years since the 1938 radio broadcast of a Martian invasion. Aliens posing as bikers arrive looking for a spaceship that crashed in the town 50 years earlier. They recover a death ray but Harrison with the help of the towns folk defeat the aliens.

Rachel Blanchard as Debi McCullough, Jeff Corey as Francis Flannery, Jack Ammon as Sam, John Ireland as Harv, Mark Holmes as Red, Kevin Rushto as Dog, Sergio Galli as Biker #1, Jack Jessop & Rita Tuckett.

6 The Second Seal

A number of secret military files from the 1953 invasion are discovered by Norton and access is granted to Harrison and his team. The aliens are also interested in getting the files as they include the burial sites of thousands of aliens.

Greg Morris as General Masters, Lynne Griffin as Amanda Burke, Michael McKeever, James Kidnie, Kirk Dunn & Miriam Newhouse.

7 Goliath Is My Name

The aliens attempt to steal vials of a deadly virus from a college's research lab which will help them eliminate the human race. A war game gets out of hand as the aliens attempt to infiltrate the campus.

Rachel Blanchard as Debi McCullough, Corinne Conely as Mrs Pennyworth, Jeremy Ratchford, Eric Bruskotter, Jason Blicker, Hume Baugh, Carolyn Dunn, Kelly Rowan & James Kee.

8 To Heal The Leper

One of the Advocacy has succumbed to the chicken pox, and the alien cure requires human brains and a lot of power. They secure the required brains and take over the Lyndon Power station blacking out the entire area. Harrison is almost caught by the aliens.

Ann Robinson as Sylvia Van Buren, Paul Boretsky as Leo, Kim Coates as Scott, Guylaine St Onge as Beth & Neil Dainard.

9 The Good Samaritan

Marcus Mason invents a new grain which is resistant to climate, pestilence and radiation. Suzanne contacts him in an attempt to learn about the radiation resistant aspect for the fight against the aliens. The aliens also want to use the grain to spread a deadly toxin killing those who eat it.

Rachel Blanchard as Debi McCullough, Corrinne Conley as Mrs Pennyworth, Lori Hallier as Teri, Warren Davis as Franklin & Alex Cord as Marcus Madison Mason.

10 Epiphany

The aliens plot a nuclear holocaust, deliberately planting a nuclear device near the location of sensitive peace talks.

Deborah Wakeham as Katya & Patrick MacNee as Valery.

11 Among The Philistines

A language expert who has started to break the alien transmissions code is revealed to be an alien infiltrator.

Rachel Blanchard as Debi, Larry Reynolds as Tom Kensington, Corinne Conley as Mrs Pennyworth, Cedric Smith as Adiran Bouchard, David Calderisi & Gregory Cross.

12 Choirs Of Angels

Members of the team stumble onto two new alien plots simultaneously... a scheme to place subliminal messages in the music of a popular rock star to create an army of slaves, and the creation of a serum that will enable the aliens to shed their protective clothing and survive in Earth`s atmosphere.

Jan Rubes as Von Deer, Billy Thorpe as Billy Carlos, John Novak as Alien #1, Alex Carter as Alien #2 & Heidi Von Palleske as Alien #3.

13 Dust To Dust

The aliens locate an abandoned Martian saucer in an indian burial ground after a graverobber discovers a Morthren crystal.

Ivan Naranjo as Joseph, Eric Schweig as Darrow, Robin Sewell as Grace, Elias Zarou as Kirk, Joseph Zeigler as Pat, Linda Goranson as Connie & R D Reid.

14 He Feedeth Among The Lilies

The scientists discover that the aliens are abducting humans to perform experiments on them to unravel the secrets of the human immune system.

Cynthia Belliveau as Karen, Larry Mannell as Doctor, Bonnie Gruen as Nurse, Andrea Nevitt as The Aid, Maria Del Mar, Carole Galloway, Graham Batchelor & Myron Senkus.

15 The Prodigal Son

The aliens attempt to track down, kill and dissect for study an alien that has survived in human form since the 1953 invasion.

John Colicos as Quinn, James Purcell as McGinnis, Jim Yip as Hwang, Randall Carpenter as Margo & Robert Morelli.

16 The Meek Shall Inherit

The aliens attempt to destroy Earth`s communications network, and a witness to their operation, a female vagrant, is sent to the same asylum as the psychic Sylvia Van Buren.

Ann Robinson as Sylvia Van Buren, Diana Reis as Molly, Sam Malkin as Pollito, Michael Copeman as Dayton, John Gilbert as Sensky, Gene Mack as Bull & Steve Perni.

17 Unto Us A Child Is Born

Here`s the episode everyone remembers... when an alien takes the body of a pregnant woman and then decides to seize the baby for experimentation... Who could forget that ending...?

Brent Carver as Jesse, Geoffrey Bowes as Colin, Clark Johnson as Young, Amber-Lea Weston as Nancy, Peter Boretski & Martha Irving.

18 The Last Supper

The scientists organise a top secret meeting with representatives from each world power at a high security location to discuss strategy... but the aliens still discover the site and launch an attack... with the aid of their agent inside.

Efrain Figueroa as Morales, Suzanne Coy as Dr Menathong, Colm Feore as Argochev, Barry Kennedy as Raymond & James Hong.

19 Vengeance Is Mine

Ironhorse is appalled to discover that he has killed an innocent civilian in a battle with two aliens, mistaking their hostage for a third invader.

Denis Forest as Martin Cole, Carolyn Dunn as Sarah, Don Allison as Milton, Roger Montgomery as Henchman, Alannah Myles as Samantha & Bernard Behrens.

20 My Soul To Keep

The scientists are plagued by Suzanne`s journalist ex-husband, who is spying on them as they search for a nest of alien eggs.

Rachel Blanchard as Debi McCullough, Michael Parks as Cash McCullough, Handy Atmadja as Old Clerk, John Colicos as Quinn, Mohsin Sherazee as Cabbie, Michael Dyson as Farmer & Bruce McFee.

21 So Shall Ye Reap

In pursuit of an alien drug that sends the subject into violent rages, the team are arrested for impersonating DEA officers.

Dixie Seatle as Teri Novak, Angelos Rizacos as Young Alien Aide, Jill Jacobson as Envoy, Peter Mac Neill as Director, Jonathan Welsh as Jack Sawyer, Shelly-Lynn Owens as Streetwalker & Isabelle Mejias.

22 The Raising Of Lazarus

Now here`s a Thing... a saucer is discovered in the Antartic and the deadly creature within gets loose inside the base.

Nicholas Coster as Dr Frederick Alexander, Thomas Hauff as Colonel Manning, Janet Bailey as Perry, Dale Wilson as Sgt Tex & Hugh Thompson.

23 The Angel Of Death

An alien android arrives on Earth and starts blasting away at the aliens, announcing herself to the aliens as an ally... but she has her own secret agenda.

Elain Giftos as Katara, Richard Blackburn as Fred, Doug Hughes as Man With Glasses, Art Nefsky as Janitor, John Evans as Jake, Rachel Stephens as Housewife #1, Denise Baillargeon as Housewife #2, Martanne McIssac as Housewife #3, Vito Rezza as Stravrakos & David McKnight.