The X Files

Season Four Episode Guide

Regular cast:
David Duchovny as Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully

74 Herrenvolk

Mulder and Scully are chased by an alien bounty hunter; and Mulder is in a quandary - should he investigate his sister's disappearance or take Jeremiah to the hospital to help his mother.

75 Home

Mulder and Scully try to find out who's responsible for murdering a new-born baby in small-town Pennsylvania.

76 Teliko

Mulder blames a mythical African creature for the deaths of several black men who have lost all their skin pigmentation and turned white.

77 Unruhe

Mulder analyses a series of nightmarish images on a kidnapped woman's passport photographs in the hope of identifying her abductor, a ruthless killer, before he strikes again.

78 The Field Where I Died

An FBI raid on a religious cult leads Mulder into an encounter with a mysterious woman apparently suffering from a personality disorder, whom he believes may have experienced past lives.

79 Sanguinarium

A cosmetic surgeon's claim to have been possessed during a hideous botched operation leads Mulder to suspect a ritual killing.

80 Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man

One of Mulder's contacts at the Lone Gunman magazine recounts the life story of his sinister chain-smoking adversary. Could this shadowy figure really have been responsible for the assassinations of - among others - John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

81 Tunguska

Mulder and Scully suspect a meteorite containing alien life-forms is responsible for a series of unexplained deaths. And Alex Krycek makes a surprise return.

82 Terma

Mulder escapes the Russian gulag while Scully refuses to reveal his whereabouts to the higher authorities. Meanwhile, a Russian assassin attempts to destroy evidence of experiments made on the deadly extra-terrestrial meteorite.

83 Paper Hearts

Mulder is plagued by terrifying dreams about a shallow grave containing the remains of an unidentified little girl. Could this be the final resting place of his long-lost sister Samantha. The agents enlist the help of an imprisoned serial killer to shed light on the killing.

84 El Mundo Gira

A legendary monster killer is cited as the likely cause of a series of deaths in a Mexican enclave, but Scully reckons it's all down to a fungal infection.

85 Leonard Betts

Mulder and Scully try to avoid losing their heads over the case of a decapitated body which walks out of a morgue, triggering a search for the humanoid life-form.

86 Never Again

Scully becomes attracted to handsome divorcee Ed Jerse whose tattoo of a woman seems to have a mind of its own.

87 Memento Mori

When Scully is diagnosed as having an inoperable brain tumour, Mulder, believing it may be linked to her abduction two years earlier, attempts to contact a group of female abductees with similar experiences.

88 Kaddish

Mulder suspects that a Golem, a man-made monster from Jewish folklore, may be responsible for a series of murders, despite the fact that forensic evidence suggests otherwise.

89 Unrequited

Scully and Mulder race to prevent the assassination of a high-ranking military official.

90 Tempus Fugit

Mulder suspects a UFO was responsible for forcing a jetliner out of the sky - but with Scully anxious to find a rational explanation, can he prove it.

91 Max

Mulder finds himself up against the military police to gain evidence of a crashed alien craft. Meanwhile Scully tries to protect a key witness.

92 Synchrony

Mulder and Scully investigate the apparent accidental death of a college researcher whose time and method of death was foretold by a mysterious old man.

93 Small Potatoes

Scully and Mulder investigate when several babies in a small town in West Virginia are born with tails.

94 Zero Sum

Skinner is framed for murder after he covers up the death of a young woman who was attacked by a swarm of bees.

95 Elegy

An investigation into a series of murders leads Mulder and Scully to a home for the mentally ill. The case takes a surprising turn when Scully witnesses a shocking event.

96 Demons

Mulder awakes from a nightmare in a strange hotel room with blood on his hands and no memory of how he got there.

97 Gethsemane

Mulder and Scully investigate when an anthropologist believes he's found the frozen corpse of an alien.