Kathy Evison

Kathy Evison was born in Boulder City, Nevada, U.S.A. on the 16 January. Her father was employed by the National Parks Service, so she lived most of her young life in national parks all across the country. By the age of 18 she had moved with her family as much as 20 times from one park to another. The family lived in places like Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Great Smoky Mountains, and Sequoia National Park. She once had to be saved from drowning when she was an exchange student in New Zealand.

Kathy attended the University of California at Davis, and graduated with a degree in rhetoric.

Kathy EvisonKathy Evison

She worked as a model to pay for her tuition and also spent a lot of time in Japan modeling. She appeared in the magazines Self, Shape and Seventeen, which lead to TV commercials which she enjoyed so much that she decided to take acting lessons. Kathy appeared in the TV commercial for 'Colgate' whitening toothpaste shown here in the U.K. and in the 'Big Red Gum' TV commercial.

'Secret' perfume TV commercial'Secret' perfume TV commercial'Secret' perfume TV commercial'Secret' perfume TV commercial

She has also appeared in the 'Secret' perfume TV commercial shown in the U.S.A.

Kathy Evison

Kathy first appeared in the Spelling production "The Heights" in 1992 in the episode 'Natalie' before she got a regular role in Spielberg TV series "SeaQuest DSV" in 1993.

Kathy's third guest appearance on "Diagnosis Murder" in the episode 'Blood Ties' was filmed as a pilot episode for a planned series titled "Whispers" starring Kathy and Zoe McLellan.

In 2005 Kathy appeared in several TV commercials including Kyocera, Amerivest and American Express.

Kathy Evison

Kathy lives in Los Angeles, Califronia, U.S.A. with her husband Randy who she met when she was a YMCA camp counsellor outside San Bernardino.

Randy and Kathy

Kathy enjoys writing, traveling, and hiking.