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Cameron Bancroft as Ethaniel
Ingrid Kavelaars as Dr. Laura Keating
Andrew Gillies as David Banning
Joseph Baldwin as Byder
Gordon Currie as Dent
Oliver Gruner as Tawrens
Hannes Jaenicke as Thorber

Transmission Guide
 Date             Episode Title

150500     S1     ETHANIEL'S STORY
220500     S1     THE MISSION
290500     S1     THE HUNTER
050600     S1     THE LONG DROP
120600     S1     THE WATERY GRAVE
190600     S1     NEVER GO HOME
260600     S1     TAWRENS
030700     S1     MAKING LOVE
100700     S1     DEATH TRAP
170700     S1     THE BOUNTY HUNTER
310700     S1     THIEF
070800     S1     LOSE YOUR DREAMS
140800     S1     24 HOURS
210800     S1     DEEP DOWN
280800     S1     FATAL ERROR
040900     S1     SOLD OUT FOR A SONG
110900     S1     ALL THE NEWS
180900     S1     LAURA'S STORY
021000     S1     PROJECT MIDAS
091000     S1     DARK OF NIGHT
161000     S1     NOT A BITE TO EAT
231000     S1     THE BOX
301000     S1     UNDERGROUND
061100     S1     CHAMELEON
131100     S1     ALL FALL DOWN
201100     S1     THE SHIFT
060102     S1     ETHANIEL'S STORY (R)
130102     S1     THE MISSION (R)
130102     S1     THE HUNTER (R)
200102     S1     THE LONG DROP (R)
270102     S1     THE WATERY GRAVE (R)
030202     S1     NEVER GO HOME (R)
100202     S1     TAWRENS (R)
100202     S1     MAKING LOVE (R)
170202     S1     DEATH TRAP (R)
240202     S1     THE BOUNTY HUNTER (R)
030302     S1     THIEF (R)
100302     S1     LOSE YOUR DREAMS (R)
170302     S1     24 HOURS (R)
240302     S1     DEEP DOWN (R)
310302     S1     FATAL ERROR (R)
070402     S1     SOLD OUT FOR A SONG (R)
140402     S1     ALL THE NEWS (R)
210402     S1     LAURA'S STORY (R)
280402     S1     PROJECT MIDAS (R)
050502     S1     DARK OF NIGHT (R)
120502     S1     NOT A BITE TO EAT (R)
190502     S1     THE BOX (R)
260502     S1     UNDERGROUND (R)
020602     S1     CHAMELEON (R)
090602     S1     ALL FALL DOWN (R)
160602     S1     THE SHIFT (R)


Season 1: 26 episodes (all shown twice)

*** This is a complete list of all the episodes ever broadcast on UK Terrestrial TV to date ***

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