Ingrid Kavelaars & Cameron Bankcroft


"Ethanial's Story"

A new sci-fi series about an amnesiac alien assassin, Ethaniel (Cameron Bancroft), who crash lands on Earth after being blown out of the sky by his prey David Banning (an equally human looking Andrew Gillies). In an effort to regain his memory Ethaniel hooks up with psychologist Laura Keating (Ingrid Kavelaars) and the pair are soon running from the shady forces of the nasty "I've got my fingers in every pie" Banning (including one "invincible" robot that gets defeated by a bed, stopped by a dog and killed by a tree) while trying to figure out what they're supposed to be doing. The pair eventually decide that Ethaniel's crashed space ship holds all the answers and end up playing pin the psychic tail on the map to try and find it, but can they get to it before Banning's rather impressive army of balaclava wearing commandos does? Pilot shows are always a little rough around the edges and this one is no different. In particular watch out for the Ethaniel's magical shape-changing car that morphs from a sleek modern day saloon to a battered old hatchback as it drives down the road...

"The Mission"

Ethaniel and Laura's new found life on the run, isn't going too well as they start this week's episode in jail accused of a murder they didn't commit. Fortunately the inclusion of dumb alien robots and conveniently placed ropes (mental note: when interrogating valuable prisoners, don't do it in the only room with a rope hanging outside the window) soon allows our heroes to find their freedom (again). Only now, the amnesiac alien Ethaniel can finally remember what he's supposed to be doing here and the evil (boo hiss!) Banning finally explains to his (only) pal Mr Dent just why he wants Ethaniel's skin so badly. Literally. After flexing his muscles demonstrating why wearing balaclava's can be bad for your health, Ethaniel finally gets on with his mission and decides it's high time he pays his old pal Banning a visit. The long suffering robot Mr Dent continues his "How many ways can I get myself killed this week?" hobby when he's alternately shot, electrocuted and finally blown up. Batteries not included.

"The Hunter"

This week's war against evil alien infiltration continues as Ethaniel (good alien) and Laura (helpful human) break into Banning's (bad alien) back yard and meet conspiracy nut Byder (Joseph "another" Baldwin), a fellow hero with undoubtedly the best lines: "Wait till you get on the wrong end of an anal probe." The three join forces and are soon on Banning's trail trying to discover just why he's attempting to gain control of all the world's satellites -although sadly, it turns out not to be for the reason that Byder suspects: "To destroy humanity and get chicks..." The forever-pushing-up-the-daises Dent takes a back seat this week and hands over his sneering and moody looks rights to fellow bad guy Breed. While Breed can't get killed in as many hilarious ways as Dent can, he is pretty good at staring at security cameras for ages, and yet still completely fail to spot his "prey" gleefully rip apart computer systems in front of his very eyes...

"The Long Drop"

The secret war of aliens on earth continues when a major businessman discovers that while rapidly falling stocks is a bad thing, falling out of a 30 storey window is much worse. As the dust settles Ethaniel (soldier from the stars) and sidekick Laura (psychologist from Planet Earth) are amazed to see Ethaniel's brother Thorber accost a conveniently placed news crew and announce a financial conspiracy theory to the world. The heroic duo soon discover that Ethaniel's nemesis Banning is indeed pulling the strings again and dash off to find Thorber before the perpetually twitching killer-robot Dent does. After being pushed aside last week, Dent re-asserts his "I can get killed in more ways than anyone else" status as he's defeated by an obstructive potted plant, shot repeatedly by his own men, electrocuted by a light bulb and finally pulverised by a natural Wonder Of The World. Good to see him back on form...

"The Watery Grave"

When a three ton stone sculpture is carried out of an art museum by two suspiciously strong men, Ethaniel ("I'm a naÔve alien soldier who catches on quick") and Laura ("I'm a psychologist who's found my true calling fighting evil aliens") stroke their chins and ask "is it art or a thousand year-old alien time bomb that's going to destroy all of human life as we know it?" Rather unsurprisingly it turns out to be the latter and the duo are soon joined by their net-head partner "I'm a total wimp" Byder in an effort to track down the stone and stop it from being dumped into the sea (the ancient recipe on its side reads "for the total destruction of life, just add salt water"). Although Dent boasts that he knows "a thousand" ways to kill someone that knowledge doesn't seem to include any advice about defence, as this week he's thwarted by a falling oil drum. They just don't build 'em like they used to...

"Never Go Home"

Taking your boyfriend home to meet the folks is never easy, especially when your potential mate is an extra-terrestrial waging war against evil alien conspirators who've just blown up your workplace. When Laura decides to burn her bridges and say goodbye to her old life, she discovers that her folks aren't quite so hot on the idea of her running off with Ethaniel. (They think he's utterly psychotic.) How could they misjudge the boy-wonder so? Once again it seems that that cad Banning is pulling the strings, which includes kidnapping Laura's psychic friend Gorden to help him locate them -now why couldn't Gorden see that coming?


"If you can't beat them, then subvert one of their own men and send him in to do all the dirty work." Banning's private war against the entire human race steps up a gear when he recruits one of Ethaniel's old star-stomping chums and sends him into battle against him. Can Ethaniel and Laura convince the poor misguided fool that his new boss is a bit of a git? Or will Ethaniel have to forget friendship and do the right thing? (i.e. nuke his mate). Dent re-asserts his "I can get killed in more ways than anyone else" status as he's defeated by a bazooka space gun.

"Making Love"

Sadly, this isn't a tale about alien foot-soldiers who come to Earth and get stuck into the soft porn industry. Our star-boy grunt Ethaniel and his lovely assistant Laura are instead both pulled into the world of fashion when they discover that bad guy Banning (boo! hiss!) is infiltrating the industry. Is he just after a new wardrobe or is he perhaps planning to make dodgy perfumes that cause people to go completely loopy? (Do we really need to ask?) Poor Ethaniel also falls prey to a beautiful model who decides that she fancies a bit of the (alien) other and uses the perfume on him. Can Laura rescue him from her "vile" clutches or is he destined to be her love slave forever? War's hell, eh? Again, Dent re-asserts his "I can get killed in more ways than anyone else" status this week by being shot seven times; "Is that the best you can do?" and being thrown off a 40 storey building.

"Death Trap"

Most people find the novelty of office life wears off very quickly. For Ethaniel (soldier boy from the stars who likes to fight evil alien insurrection) and Laura (soldier boy's earth friend and occasional love interest) it wears off very quickly indeed, especially when they get stuck in an office block that tries to kill them. After a friend of theirs goes missing, the heroic duo soon discover that an "office of the future" may well have all the modern conveniences you could wish for, but it's also got a damn sight more (potentially lethal) inconveniences as well. Guess who built it? Surprise, surprise it's a certain Mr Banning. And you thought your office was hell. At least Mr. Dent doesn't show up in this episode so he can't find any more ways to be killed!

"The Bounty Hunter"

Ethaniel and Laura's private war against the evil alien forces of Banning (Boo! Hiss!) continues this week as Ethaniel finally hooks up with his long-lost brother, Thorber. Family reunions never go as planned however and it's not long before the party is gate-crashed and Ethaniel is kidnapped (again) by one of Banning's men. Can Thorber and Laura rescue Ethaniel? Will Banning capture them too? Can Thorber keep his eyes off Laura? The long suffering robot Mr Dent continues his "How many ways can I get myself killed this week?" hobby when he's alternately shot repeatedly, thrown from a moving train and finally electrocuted, again.


When a beautiful thief (Carmelina Lamanna) steals a sophisticated piece of equipment from a high-security lab, Banning's full forces mobilize to kill her and retrieve the component. As usual they screw up because not only do Ethaniel, Laura and their old chum, Tawrens locate and protect the thief, Tawrens starts getting the hots for her. (These aliens, always stealing our wimmin'). Can our heroic duo keep Tawrens mind off her ass and on the job? Just why is the gizmo she stole so precious, anyway? Poor old Mr. Dent, "battering ram in human clothing," gets blown up again in this episode. This time he sees it coming when he looks at a gas bottle and sees the words "Flammable" on the label, just before Tawrens puts a bullet in it.

Carmelina Lamanna as Mira
Carmelina Lamanna

"Lose Your Dreams"

After Ethaniel (space boy from the stars) keeps experiencing unexplained dreams, Laura takes him to see a former college friend Dr. Rosalind Steiner (Eva Habermann) another attractive doctor, at the Bluespring Clinic which specializes in sleep disorders. While at the clinic, Ethaniel discovers he is in fact James Henry a bakery worker from Chicago! Rather unsurprisingly it turns out that Banning and his ever faithful robot Mr. (personality) Dent are pulling strings behind the scenes with their "Personality Quotient Transfer" device, in order to get Ethaniel to locate his brother Thorber. Poor old Mr. Dent doesn't seem to be learning from his previous encounters with the heroic duo, after he lets Laura escape from him yet again! This time he is run over by her car and later pumped full of lead when she shoots him. Again.

"24 Hours"

Ethaniel catches a human sexually transmitted disease that results in him starting to revert back to his own alien form, which isnít good news because the Earth will become toxic to him. Whatís Ethaniel been up to? Havenít these aliens heard about safe sex and using protection! Laura and Thorber take Ethaniel to see Dr. Tremblay, who also quit working for Banning. While they leave Byder (I need Internet access) and the doctor to tend to Ethaniel, Laura and Thorber try to retrace Ethanielís last movements to try and find out what, and who, has caused him to revert back to his alien form. You might be expecting our old chum Banning to be behind this dastardly plot, and youíd be forgiven if you thought that Dent was disguised as the biker Jay, boyfriend of the chief suspect Mandie. As it turns out, our space boy from the stars hasnít been having it away with our earth wimmin', but has caught the disease from a kiss that Mandie gave him when he stepped in to stop her boyfriend Jay from hitting her. How nice of him. However, this doesnít become apparent until Thorber also catches the disease after being kissed by Mandie. Evidently Dr. Tremblay has been watching too much ER, after he gives Ethaniel electric shock treatment (Clear) to revive him. Heís also been playing with is chemistry set, because not only does he find out whatís causing Ethaniel to revert back to his alien form, but he also manages to come up with a vaccine in double quick time! However, he only manages to make enough vaccine for one of them (always the way). Thorber letís Ethaniel have the vaccine which cures him. Thorber is then given a blood transfusion from Ethaniel but it does not completely cure Thorber, which results in Ethaniel not being able see his brother again or he could become contaminated and die.

Continuity error: When Laura is driving Thorber and Mandie to the doctors laboratory, Thorber is in the back seat of the car with Mandie, but in the next shot when it pulls up outside the laboratory he is in the front passenger seat!

"Deep Down"

Two divers, Max and Robin, are searching a cargo plane that had crashed into the sea some time ago, looking for a casket. While underwater a seismic disturbance results in Robin being disconnected from her umbilical cord and she is swept away. Byder soon catches onto the story and itís not long before Laura and Ethaniel are on their way to investigate. Laura gets the chance to practice her real job (recovering lost memories) on Max and finds out that the cargo was heading for Kirbutsk, the Russians leading centre for dismantling nuclear weapons. Is Banning trying to obtain a nuclear warhead? Ethaniel dives to the wreck to obtain the cargo but Max and Dent (in the disguise of Robin) beat him to it, not before Dent manages to disconnect Ethanielís umbilical cord before leaving. Dent (still in the disguise of Robin) tells Max a bedtime story about a shark and a little fish (how touching). Meanwhile the real Robin is washed up still alive, so Mr. Dent goes after Robin in the hospital disguised as Max. Just as he is leaving with Robin, Laura and Ethaniel turn up and mistake Dent for the real Max and they make their escape in a van. But itís not long until Ethaniel realises that Max is in fact Mr. Dent. The usual fight ensures and Dent gets kicked out of the back of the van. (They don't make door locks like they used to!) The dynamic due track down the casket and discover that it in fact contains a fuel cell from Ethanielís ship, indicating that Banningís ship must still be intact. So Ethaniel and Laura decided to dump the fuel cell back into the sea so Banning will never be able to find it again.

"Fatal Error"

Mr. Dent's finest hour! Banning takes over a missile facility with the help of Nivek, a remote controlled robot being controlled by Mr. Dent from Banningís headquarters. Banning plans to use the missiles to attack capital cities around the world to divert attention away from his real plan, which is to make a shift in the Earthís atmosphere. Dent starts to show some personality after he tells Banning "If its one thing I canít stand, itís a back seat driver!" when Banning tells Mr. Dent how to control Nivek. Ethaniel creates a virus (evidently heís seen Independence Day) to upload into Nivek via the receptacles on his head. But the virus also infects Mr. Dent, which sends him insane, turning him into a cowboy, a little girl, a clown, and even Banning. Evidently he hasnít got any anti-virus software loaded (better to be safe than sorry).

Mr. Dent

Banning sends Mr. Dent and his team to secure the missile facility but is confronted by Nivek, now under the control of Ethaniel. Dent is forced to destroy Nivek and then gains access to launch control. Dent, still being affected by the virus, states that he wants No humans, Therians or Nivik, just Dent, and starts the launch countdown targeting major cities throughout the World, but not London. Evidently he likes us Brits. Banning then arrives and sees that his mechanical hitman has feelings. We learn that Dentís first name is Albert, and he has some of his funniest scenes in the entire series. Banning eventually resets Dent and he stops the countdown.

"Sold Out For A Song"

Letís Rock 'n' Roll. Presidential candidate Senator Caraldo is having an affair with Mona Knight a rock star. Nothing-unusual there, except Banning is sponsoring the Senator. So as not to jeopardize his plans, Banning enlists an assassin James Walsh to kill Mona. Ethaniel latches onto the story despite the absence of resident computer nerd Byder, whoís probably off at some UFO convention. He finds out that Caraldo sponsored the Eternity Corporation who is the favourite supplier to NASA. They have applied for a contract to create a space based distribution system for pesticides. Which is Banningís other shot at shifting the Earthís atmosphere to Theraís original form.

Mona Knight

After Tawrens saves Mona from Walshís first assassination attempt on her life he starts to get the hotís for her (he gets the hotís for anything in a skirt). In Walshís second attempt at killing Mona while she performs at her rock concert he uses a Therian gun that uses smart bombs that target a specific genetic sample. Itís left up to Tawrens to save her yet again making the bullet target Monoís hairbrush instead of her! Evidently the bomb's not That smart. Our pal Mr. Dent is starting to show more of his personality (he does have one then) when he gives the thumbs up "hereís to antiviolence."

"All The News"

Cop Bill Finn is facing execution because he killed his partner Officer Raymond Crawl. However, Banning has framed Bill and it was our pal Mr. Dent who done the nasty deed. The only person to believe Bill is a reporter called Malone who witnessed the killing and took photographs. Unfortunately the prints were stolen, so Malone tracks down Laura when she visits Gorden (the psychic) who is now working as a Pet Detective (evidently heís seen Ace Ventura!), seeking information on Banning. Now Banning canít allow the reporter to uncover the truth so he kidnaps Myroc (another assassin from the stars with a weird name) and installs a bomb bracelet on his wrist to ensure his cooperation. Myroc's job: to get the girl, so the reporter doesnít get the story, Bill Finn gets fried, and Banning take the ugly thing of his wrist.


Ethaniel and Co. discover that Maloneís editor has got the stolen film in his safe, and upon retrieving it, Laura helps Malone write the front page of the morningís newspaper. Banning, Dent and Myroc all meet up at the press plant and the usual fight ensures. However, Banning has brought along a nifty defence body armour shield, but boy wonder Ethaniel uses ink! to shut down the device. Ethaniel manages to reverse the polarity on Myrocís bomb bracelet and now thereís no need for Myroc to fight Ethaniel and Tawrens. Just has Ethaniel goes to get Banning he vanishes in a puff of smoke, as if by magic! Poor old Mr. Dent then gets blown up when Ethaniel uses Banningís own defence screen on Mr. Dent. Bill Finn is released from jail and the team live for another day. The best laugh is at the end of the episode when Mr. Dent and Banning are discussing their failures to eliminate Ethaniel and Co. Dentís been reading some human texts on philosophy and religion, and from his studies there is the possibility that through their program of destruction and murder they may have built up some bad Karma!

"Laura's Story"

The classic flashback episode: in other words, to save money they produce an episode using mainly clips from previous episodes, except this was the second episode filmed. It would have helped us viewers if this was shown earlier because it explains the plot of the series (it does have one then!) and it would have been better to either incorporate this into the pilot episode or broadcast it has episode number two, rather than show it this late in the series. The story starts with Laura telling Tawrens how she first became involved with Ethaniel.

Ethaniel and Laura

Once upon a time... Banning is giving grants to Dr. Jim Graham (Billy Dee Williams star of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi) for his Institute which looks after and helps people with special abilities such has empaths, and mathematicians. Laura works at the Institute with Jim and is given the case file on Ethaniel when he turns up in hospital with no memory after being run over. But Jim becomes suspicious of Banningís motives and he gets his pupils to spy on Banning. Jim collects information about Banning and his organisation and itís not long before Banning discovers what Jim is up to, and to protect his many secrets he targets all the pupils at the Institute. Banning removes every trace of Laura, Gordon (Laura's psychic friend -now why couldn't Gorden see that coming?), mathematician Tommy and Aurora yet another psychic. However, Jim has encoded the information and Banning is unable to access it, cue the clip of the Institute being blown up. We also get to see Mr. Dent set on fire with a clip from the pilot episode, but with another additional death, with him crashing his car into a crash barrier and plunging into the river below while in pursuit of Ethaniel and Co.

"Project Midas"

Byderís back! An experimental cold fusion device called the Midas prototype is stolen from an armoured truck. Laura and Ethaniel locate the scientist who created the prototype, but itís not long before Mr. Dent and his henchmen track them down which results in Laura being captured. Ethaniel has to find out who took the device by tracing the radioactive isotope signature, but it turns out that the scientist that created it staged the hijacking because the device doesnít work. The ever-resourceful Mr. Dent finds Ethaniel and Co. again, and drugs them. They are taken to a warehouse where Banning gets the scientist to demonstrate the device. But because the device doesnít work it explodes and Ethaniel and Co. manage to escape. Not before Dent tries to stop them by jumping on the hood of the car. Doesnít he know that you are meant to sit behind the wheel and not in front of it! Dialogue to rewind for: Laura: "Go change your oil Dent" Banning: "We canít keep having these accidents"

"Dark Of Night"

Not a good episode for Mr. Dent. He gets electrocuted pre-title sequence and is incapacitated. Ethaniel and Laura steal a Therian Lbar core which is a storage device that contains information about Banning and his plans. They both escape from Dent and his henchmen and head for the airport. (Lynda Mason Green from the TV series "War Of The Worlds" is the airportís receptionist Yvonne). They board a plane, which contains the usual suspects: a pregnant woman, a nervous flyer, a musician with a guitar, and a woman with a dog -called muffin! Banning arranges for the plane to crash and during the confusion one of the passengers has stolen the Lbar from Ethaniel, and is evidently working for Banning. Mr. Dent is sent to retrieve the Lbar core but before he arrives at the crash site, Ethaniel has to help the pregnant woman passenger give birth. When Dent shows up the usual fight ensures and Laura ends up shooting Dent with a flare gun, which also destroys the Lbar core. Back at Banningís headquarters Dent undergoes yet another body makeover. Dialogue to rewind for: Ethaniel: "You think you can defeat me?" Dent: "Oh yes, Iíve just had a total body makeover and Iím feeling mighty fine."

"Not A Bite To Eat"

Banning has set up an operation at Steel Cut Farms producing a new strain of wheat grain supplement destined for a foreign country. Their Ambassador is exchanging the wheat for a mineral called Hafnium. However, Ethaniel and a boy called Adam, who has been stealing the grain to help feed his mother, enters the lab and finds out that the grain is valueless and is not fit for human consumption. The Ambassador decides to call off the deal after finding out about the grain himself. However, Mr. Dent then takes the Ambassador's place to keep the deal alive, but is exposed when Ethaniel helps the real Ambassador Dumont to the press conference announcing the wheat grain deal. Banning is forced to destroy the labs at Steel Cut Farms. Dialogue to rewind for: Banning: "You surprise me sometimes Dent. You have a definite flair for PR." Dent: "One might say it's the kind of thing I was made for."

"The Box"

Banning is funding a bunch of mercenary freedom fighters who have now turned rogue after discovering Banning's plans. Ethaniel and Laura infiltrate the gangís hideout when Mr. Dent shows up wanting his 'boom' box back. There's a gun battle and Dent is hit. He and Ethaniel escape and barricade themselves in a room with the bomb, while Laura goes on the run inside the vast building. While the mercenaries track down Laura and try to break into the room containing the Therian bomb, Ethaniel tells Dent that Thorber created him, and not Banning. Dent starts to reconstruct himself but agrees to work with Ethaniel in exchange for Ethanielís help in repairing him. But no sooner than Dent is reconstructed, he attacks Ethaniel, which in turn sets of the timer on the bomb. They then have to synchronise Dent's brain with the bomb in order to defuse it. They manage to separate the detonator, which is then used to blow open the barricaded door. The leader of the mercenary freedom fighters is killed and they then all go their separate ways. Dialogue to rewind for: Dent: "Iím a virtual encyclopaedia without the boring bits."


Another clip-show episode using material from previous episodes to save money! Ethaniel, Laura and Tawrens are meeting a man called Saunders who claims to have a device which can reverse Banningís Earth shifting process. But Kard (Wolf Roth) one of Banningís trackers and his henchmen are also after the device and chase them underground to a subway system that was never finished. A bomb explodes leaving Saunders dead and Ethaniel buried under the rubble. They dig Ethaniel out but heís in bad shape. Tawrens stays with him; cue flashbacks! We then get a series of clips from previous episodes: "Death Trap", "24 Hours", "Ethanielís Story", "Chameleon", "The Watery Grave", "Tawrens", "The Box", "Lose Your Dreams", and "The Bounty Hunter." Meanwhile, Laura makes here way through the tunnels to find the exit. Saunders has booby-trapped the tunnels, but thatís no problem because Laura knows Saunders profile so she can get by his traps! After clearing the rubble Kard and his men go after Tawrens leading up to a sword fight between the two while Ethaniel and Laura escape. Tawrens also escapes through an hatch before dumping the device into the underground tunnel which then explodes. No Byder again in this episode. Evidently they can only afford him for a few episodes. Although Ethaniel and Co. seem to manage without his help anyway.

Continuity errors: In the flashbacks we get to see clips from the episode "Chameleon" which has not yet been shown. The problem with not screening episodes in the production order is that some errors slip through. This is one big error! Also, in Ethanielís flashback to the episode "Death Trap" we get to see what happens to Laura while Ethaniel is fighting Banningís men. There is no way Ethaniel could know what happened to Laura because he was not present!


Ethaniel, Laura and Tawrens are on a stakeout at a cemetery. They are after a prototype advanced energy weapon, which in fact turns out to be a holographic projector. Ethaniel and Laura manage to steal the holographic projector and put a tracker onto Banningís henchmenís truck. Myroc also shows up and kidnaps Tawrens. He demands 5 million from Banning to turn Tawrens over to him. Ethaniel uses the tracker to locate Banningís base of operations. Not to be out done, the every resourceful Mr. Dent also manages to locate Ethaniel and Lauraís yacht by tracing back the trackerís signal. Ethaniel believes Banning has got Tawrens, and Banning thinks Myroc has the holographic projector and is located on the yacht. Dent in the disguise of Ethaniel goes to the yacht and seeís Laura who doesnít know that he isnít the real Ethaniel. Dent engages Laura in conversation including an attempt to seduce her! Meanwhile, Ethaniel using the holographic projector changes to Dent and infiltrates Banningís base of operations. Ethaniel nearly gets caught when he has to recharge the holographic projectorís power pack. Myroc makes another deal with Banning: In exchange for 15 million he will give Banning Tawrens and the energy weapon which Tawrens has agreed to show Myroc where it is hidden. On the way to retrieve the device Myroc and Tawrens fight and Tawrens manages to escape. However, Myroc is captured by Banningís henchmen. But as with all doubleís they eventually find out that each is not who they appear to be. What happens next was featured in a flashback in the previous episode! At the yacht Laura shoots Dent with a Therian space gun. But this is not enough to disable him for long. She then resorts to shooting him with a handgun, just as Ethaniel comes to the rescue. The fight spills out onto the deck of the yacht out of sight of Laura. Laura exits through the door but which is the real Ethaniel? Luckily, Laura chooses the real Ethaniel and shoots Dent, who is then kicked overboard; the holographic projector is also destroyed. No Byder again in this episode.

"All Fall Down"

Ethaniel and Co. are meeting Zack, one of Byder's contacts, but during their conversation Zack suddenly falls asleep. It turns out that he is wearing a patch, not to help he give up smoking, but which Banning is developing with the help of Laura's father George with the pretense of a cure for the common cold. Ethaniel, Laura and Tawrens infiltrate Norapharm Pharmaceuticals disguised as telephone repair personnel. Ethaniel and Tawrens go to the computer room to download all the information they can about the patches while Laura goes to find her father. She asks him to help her revive Zack and tries to explain the real motives behind his research. Banning is planning to use the drug to put people to sleep while he activates his Earth shifting process. It's not long before all of them are discovered by Banning's security men and are chased to the roof of the building. They then take a leap of faith, literally, by jumping off the top of building, without any form of parachute! Back at the yacht Ethaniel manages to wake up Zack by using an high digital frequency transmission. At the launch event of the patches Laura is captured while trying to neutralize all the patches. Tawrens, Ethaniel and Zack are busy trying to destroy the signal generator by using an EM Pulse generator. It's not long before Laura's dad discover's that the patches contain a transmitter after examining one. Ethaniel and George wake up Laura and they all escape. George and Laura's mother are given new identities and are moving to Montana. No Byder or Mr. Dent feature in this episode.

"The Shift"

This being the last ever episode you would expect to see all the cast together in the final farewell. However, no Byder yet again. He must be on permanent leave. Unexpectedly there is no Mr. Dent either. Evidently this being the last episode filmed from 26 they probably couldn't afford to have either of these two characters involved in this episode.


Tawrens in on a hot date with Sasha (Christine Cox) the daughter of Saunders, the man who died in the episode "Underground" whilst about to tell Ethaniel and Co. of his discovery which will stop Banning's Earth shifting process. However, Banning's men show up together with Kard, previously thought killed in the same episode, and try to kidnap Sasha, but Tawrens manages to fight them off.


Ethaniel and Laura discover that a sculpture called "Happy Ever After" donated by the Eternity group is of Therian design. They go to examine the sculpture and it turns out to be a generator device that will be used by Banning for his Earth shifting process. Unfortunately Ethaniel and Laura are captured.  They manage to escape (just as they always do) and have to stop Banning before he activates the device. Unfortunately both of them are captured yet again and put into a force field net. Meanwhile, Tawrens and Sasha are trying to find out where her father has hidden his discovery. Naturally it's hidden in the most obvious place. Inside a locket that her father gave Sasha, weeks before he was killed. Now why didn't I think of that! After another encounter with Kard they discover that Banning has designed a band that will protect himself and his associates during the shifting process until they can revert to their own Therian form. The locket contains a data crystal which enables Tawrens and Sasha to create a crystal in Banning's lab in no time at all by mixing a few chemical's he has lying around.

Since this is the final episode guide, I'll give in detail the final few minutes of the show:

Banning: "30 seconds to maximum charge."

Laura and Ethaniel are trapped in the force field net.

Ethaniel: "Laura"
Laura: "I guess this is it"
Ethaniel: "It wasn't supposed to be this way"
Laura: "I know"
Ethaniel: "I'm so sorry"
Laura: "Don't be. You had a chance to save yourself and you gave it up, no human I know would make that sacrifice"
Ethaniel: "You did"
Ethaniel: "Laura, I love you"
Laura: "I love you"
Banning: "How moving"

Banning splits the force field net into two so Ethaniel and Laura are each enclosed in a seperate net.

Banning: "Are though's tears Ethaniel? I'm appalled by your weakness for the human race, but then again, it's fitting is it not, that someone so fond of humanity should die with humanity. Only seconds now."

Banning goes over to the control panel and raises the activation button.

Laura: "Tawrens!"

Tawrens and Sasha rush into the room and Tawren's shoots Banning who falls to the floor. Tawrens then shoots at the force field net generator to deactivate the net around Ethaniel and Laura. Sasha places the crystal on the device but nothing happens.

Sasha: "It's not working"

Banning is up on his feet again with his hand placed above the activation button.

Banning: "One step closer and I push the button"
Ethaniel: "He's going to do it anyway, shoot him"
Banning: "You do and the world ends"
Tawrens: "You won't live to see it"
Banning: "I'll take that chance"

Banning pushes the activation button.

Ethaniel: "No!"

Tawrens shoots at Banning

shift generatorshift generator

Cut to picture of the shift generator with green flares shooting upwards. The next scene is a view of the Earth from space with green flares shooting skyward.

The End?
The End?


Ref: Code Name Eternity

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