Knight Rider

Season One Episode Guide

Regular cast:
David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight
Edward Mulhare as Devon Miles
Patricia McPherson as Bonnie Barstow
William Daniels as Voice of K.I.T.T.

1 Knight Of The Phoenix (pilot) (feature-length)

Michael Long, a policeman, is shot and left for dead. The shot is deflected by a plate in his head, but ruins his face. He is saved and his face reconstructed. He is reluctant, but agrees to use K.I.T.T. to help the Foundation for Law and Government fight criminals who are 'beyond the reach of the law'.

2 Deadly Maneuvers

Michael investigates the suspicious traffic death of an Army colonel. He had stumbled onto a scam. K.I.T.T. navigates a missile test area at great peril.

3 Good Day At White Rock

Michael's tranquil vacation is interrupted by a mototcycle gang preparing to do battle with a rival club.

4 Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular

Michael joins an auto-daredevil show whose owners unwittingly took out a second mortgage from a crook who arranges "accidents" so he can take over the business.

5 Just My Bill

Michael becomes the bodyguard for a crusading state senator who has stepped on one too many toes.

6 Not A Drop To Drink

Devon sends Michael to stop a range war over water rights.

7 No Big Thing

Devon lands in a small-town lockup on a misdemeanor, but his predicament becomes deadly after a fellow prisoner is killed by the cops. Devon's the only one who knew the man was in jail.

8 Trust Doesn't Rust

Michael is assigned to stop K.A.R.R., an evil prototype of K.I.T.T. programmed to survive at all costs - and now on the loose.

9 Inside Out

Michael infiltrates a retired colonel's gang of thieves hoping to catch them red-handed stealing a gold shipment.

10 The Final Verdict

A meek accountant can clear a friend of murder if Michael can find him before he's arrested for "creative" bookkeeping.

11 A Plush Ride

Michael becomes a student in a driving school for chauffeur-bodyguards to expose an assassin whose targets are a trio of visiting Third World leaders.

12 Forget Me Not

Michael's only hope of preventing the assassination of a Latin American president is a girl who knows the plan, but has amnesia.

13 Hearts Of Stone

Michael infiltrates a ring of gunrunners selling advanced-design rifles in Central America, "Corazon de Piedras".

14 Give Me Liberty... Or Give Me Death

Someone is sabotaging the cars in an alternative-fuel race, so Michael joins the pack to flush out the saboteur.

15 The Topaz Connection

The murder of a men's magazine publisher leads Michael to Las Vegas and an expose the magazine was about to print.

16 Chariot Of Gold

Michael investigates the mysterious deaths of members of an exclusive club for geniuses (Helius), involved in an archaeological dig.

17 A Nice, Indecent Little Town

The trail of a counterfeiter leads to a sleepy little village that not only appears to be harboring the criminal he's after but is also under the eye of the CIA. The Hallelujah Press is a cover for this activity. The Alpine Crest Tribune reporter is investigating.

18 White Bird

Michael tries to prevent a lawyer's assistant from being framed for conspiracy, but there's a complication; she was Michael's fiancee before his identity change.

19 Knight Moves

Michael tries to catch hijackers who are knocking off shipments carried by independent truckers.

20 Nobody Does It Better

Michael contends with interference from an overzealous private eye (Gail Edwards) while he tries to discover who's stealing computer-software secrets.

21 Short Notice

After Michael unintentionally kills a cycle-gang member, the only witness (Robin Curtis) insists that he recover her kidnapped child before she will help him.