Knight Rider

Season Two Episode Guide

Regular cast:
David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight
Edward Mulhare as Devon Miles
Rebecca Holden as April Curtis
William Daniels as Voice of K.I.T.T.

22 Goliath (feature-length)

Michael and K.I.T.T. battle a K.I.T.T.-like truck built by Wilton Knight's ex-wife and son (David Hasselhoff).

23 Brother's Keeper

Michael is planted in a prison to break out an inmate wanted by a terrorist threatening to blow up a city. Bomb time is 20th anniversary of wedding to the minute.

24 Merchants Of Death

There's thunder out of the blue when Michael and K.I.T.T. square off against a futuristic attack helicopter in the hands of mercenaries.

25 Blind Spot

Michael investigates a businessman who's exploiting illegal aliens. A blind woman is the only witness.

26 Return To Cadiz

A scuba diver is looking for Aztec sunken treasure, which gives K.I.T.T. the chance to use the new hydroplanes.

27 K.I.T.T. The Cat

Michael tries to catch a Robin Hood-style cat burglar before an obsessed cop does.

28 Custom K.I.T.T.

K.I.T.T. is the bait in Michael's plan to trap customized-car thieves found at a travelling custom-car show. Subplot - a couple of inept car thieves try to steal K.I.T.T. with startling results.

29 Soul Survivor

A computer whiz (Brian Robbins) cracks K.I.T.T.'s programming and erases the memory, forcing Michael to battle his own car. K.I.T.T. is 'boxed' for portability in another car.

30 Ring Of Fire

Michael battles to protect Cajun woman from her vengeful husband in a Louisiana bayou.

31 Knightmares

Michael suffers amnesia from a head injury sustained while investigating at a dam and reverts to his former identity as policeman Michael Long.

32 Silent Knight

Michael is preparing to attend the Christmas banquet when he encounters a gypsy boy who has witnessed a bank robbery and is sought by the robbers from whom he stole a gold watch.

33 A Knight In Shining Armor

A killer with a treasure map must find his victim's estranged daughter, who holds the key to the treasure.

34 Diamonds Aren't A Girl's Best Friend

Michael heads for Mexico to trap a talent agent who's using beautiful models to smuggle diamonds into the U.S.

35 White-Line Warriors

Car club members are being blamed for a string of burglaries that coincide with their weekend visits to a coastal community. Subplot - Manny tries to sell a car security system to Michael.

36 Race For Life

Michael races the clock to find a gang leader (Mario Marcellino) who's the only compatible donor for a girl needing a life-saving transplant.

37 Speed Demons

Michael and Kitt are put on alert when an anonymous letter warns that a killer may strike at a Foundation sponsored motorcycle race.

38 Goliath Returns (feature-length)

Seeking revenge against Michael, old nemesis Garthe Knight (also played by Hasselhoff) kidnaps Devon, April and a scientist to force a showdown between K.I.T.T. and his new and improved Goliath.

39 A Good Knight's Work

Michael is pursued by an international criminal who knows Michael's former identity and wants revenge. A woman who claims her talking teddy bear toy design has been stolen wants Michael to break in and recover it, is in cahoots.

40 The Mouth Of The Snake (feature-length)

A Government agent, a murdered lawyer's widow and Michael seek connections between an international criminal, a stolen rocket launcher and the code, "Boca Culebra".

41 Let It Be Me

Posing as a singer in a rock band, Michael looks for the connection between the former lead singer's "accidental" death and an encoded videotape found in his personal effects.

42 Big Iron

While investigating the theft of heavy-duty construction equipment. Michael and K.I.T.T. are pushed into a quarry and buried with tons of gravel.