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David Duchovny as Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully
Robert Patrick as John Doggett (from S8)

Transmission Guide
 Date             Episode Title 
190994     P      THE X FILES
260994     S1     DEEP THROAT
031094     S1     SQUEEZE
101094     S1     CONDUIT
171094     S1     THE JERSEY DEVIL
241094     S1     SHADOWS
031194     S1     GHOST IN THE MACHINE
101194     S1     ICE
171194     S1     SPACE
241194     S1     FALLEN ANGEL
011294     S1     EVE
171294     S1     FIRE
081294     S1     BEYOND THE SEA
221294     S1     GENDERBENDER
050195     S1     LAZARUS
120195     S1     YOUNG AT HEART
190195     S1     E.B.E. 
260195     S1     MIRACLE MAN
020295     S1     SHAPES
090295     S1     DARKNESS FALLS
160295     S1     TOOMS
230295     S1     BORN AGAIN
020395     S1     ROLAND
090395     S1     THE ERLENMEYER FLASK
280895     S2     LITTLE GREEN MEN
040995     S2     THE HOST
110995     S2     BLOOD
180995     S2     SLEEPLESS
250995     S2     DUANE BARRY
021095     S2     ASCENSION
091095     S2     3
161095     S2     ONE BREATH
231095     S2     FIREWALKER
301095     S2     RED MUSEUM
061195     S2     EXCELSIS DEI
131195     S2     AUBREY
201195     S2     IRRESISTIBLE
271195     S2     DIE HAND DIE VERLETZT
041295     S2     FRESH BONES
111295     S2     COLONY
181295     S2     END GAME
090196     S2     HUMBUG
160196     S2     DOD KALM
230196     S2     FEARFUL SYMMETRY
300196     S2     THE CALUSARI
060296     S2     F.EMASCULATA
130296     S2     SOFT LIGHT
200296     S2     OUR TOWN
270296     S2     ANASAZI
180396     P      THE X FILES (R)
250396     S1     DEEP THROAT (R)
010496     S1     SQUEEZE (R)
080496     S1     CONDUIT (R)
150496     S1     THE JERSEY DEVIL (R)
060596     S1     SHADOWS (R)
060596     S1     GHOST IN THE MACHINE (R)
130596     S1     ICE (R)
200596     S1     SPACE (R)
030696     S1     FALLEN ANGEL (R)
100696     S1     EVE (R)
170696     S1     FIRE (R)
240696     S1     BEYOND THE SEA (R)
290696     S1     GENDERBENDER (R)
010796     S1     LAZARUS (R)
060796     S1     YOUNG AT HEART (R)
080796     S1     E.B.E. (R)
130796     S1     MIRACLE MAN (R)
150796     S1     SHAPES (R)
200796     S1     DARKNESS FALLS (R)
270796     S1     TOOMS (R)
050896     S1     BORN AGAIN (R)
120896     S1     ROLAND (R)
190896     S1     THE ERLENMEYER FLASK (R)
090996     S2     ANASAZI (R)
120996     S3     THE BLESSING WAY
190996     S3     PAPER CLIP
260996     S3     D.P.O.
101096     S3     THE LIST
171096     S3     OUBLIETTE
241096     S3     NISEI
311096     S3     731
131196     S3     SYZYGY
201196     S3     QUAGMIRE
271196     S3     REVELATIONS
041296     S3     PIPER MARU
111296     S3     APOCRYPHA
020197     S3     PUSHER
090197     S3     WAR OF THE COPROPHAGES
160197     S3     TESO DOS BICHOS
230197     S3     HELL MONEY
300197     S3     AVATAR
060297     S3     WETWIRED
130297     S3     GROTESQUE
270297     S3     2SHY
060397     S3     THE WALK
270597     S2     LITTLE GREEN MEN (R)
280597     S2     THE HOST (R)
030697     S2     BLOOD (R)
040697     S2     SLEEPLESS (R)
100697     S2     DUANE BARRY (R)
110697     S2     ASCENSION (R)
170697     S2     3 (R)
240697     S2     ONE BREATH (R)
250697     S2     FIREWALKER (R)
010797     S2     RED MUSEUM (R)
020797     S2     EXCELSIS DEI (R)
090797     S2     AUBREY (R)
150797     S2     IRRESISTIBLE (R)
160797     S2     DIE HAND DIE VERLETZT (R)
220797     S2     COLONY (R)
230797     S2     END GAME (R)
290797     S2     FRESH BONES (R)
300797     S2     FEARFUL SYMMETRY (R)
050897     S2     DOD KALM (R)
060897     S2     HUMBUG (R)
060897     S2     THE CALUSARI (R)
120897     S2     F.EMASCULATA (R)
190897     S2     SOFT LIGHT (R)
260897     S2     OUR TOWN (R)
030997     S3     TALITHA CUMI
100997     S4     HERRENVOLK
170997     S4     HOME
240997     S4     TELIKO
011097     S4     UNRUHE
081097     S4     THE FIELD WHERE I DIED
151097     S4     SANGUINARIUM
291097     S4     TUNGUSKA
051197     S4     TERMA
121197     S4     PAPER HEARTS
191197     S4     EL MUNDO GIRA
261197     S4     LEONARD BETTS
031297     S4     NEVER AGAIN
101297     S4     MEMENTO MORI
171297     S4     KADDISH
070198     S4     UNREQUITED
140198     S4     TEMPUS FUGIT
210198     S4     MAX
280198     S4     SYNCHRONY
040298     S4     SMALL POTATOES
110298     S4     ZERO SUM
180298     S4     ELEGY
250298     S4     DEMONS
040398     S4     GETHSEMANE
190998     S5     REDUX
260998     S5     REDUX II
031098     S5     UNUSUAL SUSPECTS
101098     S5     DETOUR
241098     S5     CHRISTMAS CAROL
311098     S5     EMILY
141198     S5     KITSUNEGARI
211198     S5     SCHIZOGENY
281198     S5     CHINGA
060199     S5     KILL SWITCH
130199     S5     BAD BLOOD
200199     S5     PATIENT X
270199     S5     THE RED AND THE BLACK
030299     S5     TRAVELERS
100299     S5     MIND'S EYE
240299     S5     ALL SOULS
030399     S5     THE PINE BLUFF VARIANT
100399     S5     FOLIE A DEUX
170399     S5     THE END
050100     S6     THE BEGINNING
080100     S6     THE BEGINNING (R)
120100     S6     DRIVE
150100     S6     DRIVE (R)
190100     S6     TRIANGLE
220100     S6     TRIANGLE (R)
260100     S6     DREAMLAND*
290100     S6     DREAMLAND* (R)
090200     S6     TERMS OF ENDEARMENT
130200     S6     TERMS OF ENDEARMENT (R)
160200     S6     THE RAIN KING
200200     S6     THE RAIN KING (R)
080300     S6     S.R. 819
120300     S6     S.R. 819 (R)
010700     S6     TITHONUS
080700     S6     TWO FATHERS
080700     S6     ONE SON
150700     S6     MILAGRO
150700     S6     MONDAY
220700     S6     ARCADIA
220700     S6     ALPHA
290700     S6     AGUA MALA
290700     S6     TREVOR
050800     S6     THE UNNATURAL
060800     S6     THREE OF A KIND
120800     S6     FIELD TRIP
120800     S6     BIOGENESIS
121100     P      THE X FILES (R)
151100     S7     THE SIXTH EXTINCTION
291100     S7     HUNGRY
061200     S7     MILLENNIUM
131200     S7     RUSH
140101     S7     ORISON
210101     S7     THE AMAZING MALEENI
280101     S7     SIGNS & WONDERS
040201     S7     SEIN UND ZEIT
180201     S7     CLOSURE
250201     S7     X-COPS
040301     S7     FIRST PERSON SHOOTER
110301     S7     THEEF
180301     S7     EN AMI
250301     S7     CHIMERA
010401     S7     ALL THINGS
150401     S7     BRAND X
220401     S7     HOLLYWOOD A.D.
130501     S7     FIGHT CLUB
200501     S7     JE SOUHAITE
270501     S7     REQUIEM
030601     P      THE X FILES (R)
220601     S1     DEEP THROAT (R)
290601     S1     SQUEEZE (R)
140701     S1     CONDUIT (R)
200701     S1     THE JERSEY DEVIL (R)
270701     S1     SHADOWS (R)
030801     S1     GHOST IN THE MACHINE (R)
100801     S1     ICE (R)
180801     S1     SPACE (R)
240801     S1     FALLEN ANGEL (R)
010901     S1     EVE (R)
070901     S1     FIRE (R)
150901     S1     BEYOND THE SEA (R)
280901     S1     GENDERBENDER (R)
061001     S1     LAZARUS (R)
131001     S1     YOUNG AT HEART (R)
201001     S1     E.B.E. (R)
271001     S1     MIRACLE MAN (R)
031101     S1     SHAPES (R)
101101     S1     DARKNESS FALLS (R)
171101     S1     TOOMS (R)
241101     S1     BORN AGAIN (R)
011201     S1     ROLAND (R)
081201     S1     THE ERLENMEYER FLASK (R)
030302     S8     WITHIN
100302     S8     WITHOUT
170302     S8     PATIENCE
310302     S8     ROADRUNNERS
070402     S8     INVOCATION
140402     S8     REDRUM
210402     S8     VIA NEGATIVA
280402     S8     SUREKILL
050502     S8     SALVAGE
120502     S8     BADLAA
190502     S8     THE GIFT
260502     S8     MEDUSA
090602     S8     PER MANUM
160602     S8     THIS IS NOT HAPPENING
230602     S8     DEADALIVE
140702     S8     THREE WORDS
280702     S8     EMPEDOCLES
040802     S8     VIENEN
110802     S8     ALONE
180802     S8     ESSENCE
250802     S8     EXISTENCE
171102     S9     DÆMONICUS
251102     S9     4-D
011202     S9     LORD OF THE FLIES
081202     S9     TRUST NO 1
161202     S9     JOHN DOE
050103     S9     HELLBOUND
120103     S9     PROVENANCE
190103     S9     PROVIDENCE
260103     S9     AUDREY PAULEY
020203     S9     UNDERNEATH
090203     S9     IMPROBABLE
160203     S9     SCARY MONSTERS
230203     S9     JUMP THE SHARK
020303     S9     WILLIAM
090303     S9     RELEASE
160303     S9     SUNSHINE DAYS
230303     S9     THE TRUTH
111003     S2     LITTLE GREEN MEN (R)
111003     S2     THE HOST (R)
181003     S2     BLOOD (R)
181003     S2     SLEEPLESS (R)
251003     S2     DUANE BARRY (R)
011103     S2     ASCENSION (R)
081103     S2     3 (R)
151103     S2     ONE BREATH (R)
221103     S2     FIREWALKER (R)
061203     S2     RED MUSEUM (R)
121203     S2     EXCELSIS DEI (R)
131203     S2     AUBREY (R)
201203     S2     IRRESISTIBLE (R)
201203     S2     DIE HAND DIE VERLETZT (R)
160104     S2     FRESH BONES (R)
170104     S2     COLONY (R)
240104     S2     END GAME (R)
310104     S2     FEARFUL SYMMETRY (R)
070204     S2     DOD KALM (R)
140204     S2     HUMBUG (R)
210204     S2     THE CALUSARI (R)
280204     S2     F.EMASCULATA (R)
060304     S2     SOFT LIGHT (R)
120304     S2     OUR TOWN (R)
200304     S2     ANASAZI (R)


Pilot: episode (shown four times)
Season 1: 23 episodes (all shown three times)
Season 2: 25 episodes (all shown three times)
Season 3: 24 episodes (all shown)
Season 4: 24 episodes (all shown)
Season 5: 20 episodes (all shown)
Season 6: 22 episodes (all shown)
Season 7: 22 episodes (all shown)
Season 8: 21 episodes (all shown)
Season 9: 19 episodes (all shown)

FIRE in season one was shown out of order in the initial BBC2 run, being transmitted after BEYOND THE SEA and in a late night time-slot as part of BBC2's 'Weird Night'. FEARFUL SYMMETRY in season two was shown out of order. This was the first episode to be shown on BBC1, when they decided to transfer the series from BBC2. The order of BBC1 transmissions for season three were not in the original American running order, thus messing up the 'tiff' arc and bringing Scully's dog back from the dead. This was allegedly because of the BBC's new guidelines on violence. The season three final episode TALITHA CUMI was held over to the start of season four because of the content of the episode, and it's scheduled showing falling on the anniversary of the Dunblane incident. This episode was also cut, the cuts being made to the opening scene. The sixth season episode AGUA MALA was replaced by the episode MILAGRO at the last minute because of the deaths due to the extreme bad weather in Canada, and it's similarity with this episodes storyline. The episode was shown a few weeks later. Season seven was moved back to BBC2 from BBC1. Prior to screening this seventh series BBC2 showed a repeat of the Pilot episode.

THE X FILES movie was shown by ITV on 051101, 251003 and 070106, and by ITV2 on 290303, 260803 and 050306.

*** This is a complete list of all the episodes ever broadcast on UK Terrestrial TV to date ***

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